September 24th [Wednesday]

@ 02:47 pm
titled: so..

goddess: exhaledVANILLA

epitaph: i'm ditching this journal! I don't know...i really didn't want to sit here and be able to look at these entries anymore.

So i changed. I'll add some of you when i get a chance and really start using things, but for now:


let us prey

December 28th [Wednesday]

@ 09:28 pm
titled: it's the thoughts I never let occur

goddess: exhaledVANILLA


let us prey to the 19 gods


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this is a journal of a little girl to express her thoughts while keeping those who she doesn't trust/like out. we all like to speak our minds sometimes she just is afraid of the consiquenses that follow, and yes, she does admit that. the journal is obviously FREINDS ONLY so you will have to be a LJ member to read it.



version: 7
featuring: Rosiel & Setsuna
uploaded: September 13th, 2006
words: Ashleigh Pillar
design: exhaledVANILLA
code: exhaledVANILLA



loosing hope at 17 years of age and leaving new jersey soon. lives a life with little to no meaning, but waits for the spark that brightens it all. a realist before anything else so therefore holds nothing back, even if it hurts herself in the end. thoughts come in unpridictable bouts and seem more unconvential then she imagined. lives with no expectations for life and it's trivial happenings- allowing it all to work in the end. is either love or hated, never in between. always thinking & wondering. cares about "the little things" in life. acts more with her mind then her heart and hates herself for it sometimes. finds comfort in dark places & uncomfort in crowded ones. always changing and never the same for 2 days. she lives in a world of music, writing, & art. enjoys learning about what makes people tick and what they think, especially the people she loves and adores. very quiet till she opens up, & holds everything in: no matter how big or small. enjoys hugs far too much and is silently waiting for someone to hate the stars with.