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it's the thoughts I never let occur

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Hi Ashe! It's Leanne from YachiruORG! Remember me? I tracked you down ;DDD Care to add me?
OMG! You! *clinges* How could i say no?!

you need to go about adding your own god damn building to ur friends list ^^

see this is why u mean :p
asdlkfdsjlaksdsjsdf. TOT. i was just doing a friends cut and i checked solongstarscape and i was like "OMG SHE MOVED???" and so i did some complicated detective work [a.k.a. i looked at the journals of the people who'd commented on your last entry there and looked for which friend(s) they had in common] and omg i'm such a freaking dork 8D but i've missed you and i'm hoping you'll add me back ;;? ♥!
NFJBFHJFBHDKSM! SHIZNESS!!! I hath misshed you! <3 And how can i refuse?!

The icon makes me happy on the inside XD
OOO! Shiz has a myspace as well! *runs over to add her there as well* I'm the weird looking girl with the crazy name (she exhales vanilla lace) XD
Would you please be so kind as to give me your opinion of the Illinois Institute of Art? I'm trying to figure out where to go.
I'd appreciate it.
Well so far my opninon of it is great lol But i don't acually start classes till October 2ed. --;; Sorry if i mislead you! But since i am assuming you want to know mostly about thier programs and classes etc. i'm porbablly not the greatest person to ask.
I remember you ♥.
I'm Sara.
OMG SARA! O________O!

How the hell is thee?!
I'm alright ^_^;; Yourself?
right now i'm sickly and about to go lay down again T_T

But we will deffinately have to catch up at some point ^^
;__; ♥ Feel better
lol well i ended up messing around on myspace and never went to sleep ha ha

so i am up for le talking now
i would...but it says i need to know your last name or e-mail...and i know neither XD So yah...why not just add me? <3

Deleted comment

<3 *adds mike mike*